Get a life with XBOX 360 Live

Your tv will now be a multi-entertaining system with the use of the new XBOX 360 Live. Aside from its online services, there's a whole lot more you need to try at your own advantage.
Microsoft's XBOX 360 Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media services. Its online gaming system will take you to a new level of multiplayer gaming. You can compete with your community through online.

It has a 4 way voice chat which allows you to connect with your friends or with other competitors wherever they may be.

Multitasking is very much possible with XBOX 360 Live. You can chat with your friends even while you are on a game, listening to music, or watching a movie. XBOX 360 Live comes with popular social networking sites application, such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Youtube.
Did I just mention "watching a movie"? Yes, gamers. You do not have to stereotype yourself with games alone but you can take a break and relax to the movies XBOX 360 is offering. Go and try their film rental services and you might find yourself getting hooked up also in the movie scenes.
XBOX 360 Live has a WIDE and VARIETY of paid and free downloadable content. You can download Demos, Games, Movie trailers, Community Arcade, Retail Arcade Games and other game add ons.
 You get also the chance to modify and customize your "avatar"  so that people in your contact list may identify you. There is also a record of your gamescores for everybody to see, they call this "reputation ratings".  So, if I were you, I would really put my head on the game.
XBOX 360 Live won't allow you to be outdated. You don't have to worry about what's happening in the real world because XBOX 360 Live has a Community News and Entertainment program.
However, with its incredible gaming and online system it will cost you a subscription fee of $ 5 to $8.33. Though there is a free membership, still there are some application that you can use.

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