Avengers Assemble!

After watching the trailer, the only word that I can say was BOOOOOOOOM! So great, even in the trailer you could feel the adrenaline and the action. The intensity and the urgency to establish the Avengers were seen. It was a heart racing trailer. Seeing Thor hitting his hammer on Captain America’s shield was just amazing. It gave a question to us all if it happened because they fought with each other or was it just a thing they did to save their lives, somewhat like a combo if it was in a gaming scene.

There was also a scene where Iron man and Thor are fighting against each other. It gave me a thought that this may be because Ironman was angry with Thor for causing all the trouble that is at hand. Well, technically, this might be possible because the enemy of the Avengers is Loki, which is Thor’s original enemy. Even in the trailer you can see it clearly that they even don’t get well with each other. They all got their own egos and it makes the film more interesting and realistic.

It was very well planned. Before this movie had a trailer, movies like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America were shown and in this movies hints were given that there would be something to be excited about and it was confirmed when the movie Captain America: The First Avenger came out. This would be a movie that would blow our minds. Kevin Feige, one of the producers of the movie, gave a hint that another villain would be probably be teaming up with Loki. Who would it be? That’s a very nice move for them. It makes everything more exciting because there are many heroes involved in this movie. Would it be Captain America’s enemy Red Skull? Would it be Ironman’s?

The thing to watch out for here would how things are interconnected with each other. So let’s be ready for it and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!


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