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Could this balm be the best way to nurture your beard?
Uncategorized | | 29. January, 2015

Hey everyone!

Reymark here, and I’ve finally got round to writing a proper review about a tried and tested product. What some of you may not know is that I’m currently sporting an incredibly fashionable, luscious, thick and full beard. I’ve been growing it for about 3 months now (it’s currently the longest it’s ever been) and I’ve recently been getting my feet wet in terms of trying out different beard related products.

The first thing I did was buy a sort of shampoo for facial hair, along with a nice thick wooden comb. I enjoyed both of these, but the problem with only using a shampoo is that you can only apply it once a day, namely, when you are in the shower.

I remember there were moments when I’d desperately want to style and reshape my beard in the middle of the day, usually after I had gone outside and it had been windy. I’d usually return home and look in the mirror to find my beard all skewed. I’d tried just giving it a quick brush with my handy comb but that wouldn’t always do the entire job.

So, inevitably I started looking for something which I could use anytime of the day, and was preferably not too messy. In other words I wanted something that I could apply which wouldn’t result in me having to wash my hands afterwards.

I did quite a bit of looking around online before I found anything remotely appropriate, but luckily eventually I did. What I found is essentially a balm.

It comes in a circular tin, and scoop some of it (it has a sort of waxy consistency) on your finger. According to the instructions, you then rub it between your fingers until it heats up and softens a bit. This is when it becomes ready to rub into your beard.

Since buying this, I can’t help but rub some in everyday even if somedays I don’t even need it. I love the way it makes the hairs on my neck feel, and it leaves this really nice smell that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Either way I highly recommend it. I know this review has been quite short and I haven’t been able to go into too much detail, but if your interested in this interesting beard balm then please have a look yourself and give it a try.

Initial Reviews are on their way
Uncategorized | | 10. November, 2014

Review Ideas is a blog that I’ve put together to help inform people about a range of products that have recently been released and made available to buy online. Basically, I’ll be using this space to individually review a number of products that take my interest and I think will take the interest of the general public.

So please think about coming back to the blog soon as I’m working on the first review which will be finished soon.